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Game crashing

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 08:32 PM

Well I decided to pick up where i'd left off before, on this game today.  I managed to get in a couple of hours worth of grinding with no issues whatsoever.  But just all of a sudden the game is now crashing after about 1-2min of wandering on the world map.  I think it is crashing when trying to go into a random encounter, as sometimes i hear the sound for getting into one(sometimes not) just before it crashes.  The game is already patched to 1.2, and has never given me this sort of trouble in the past.  Thoughts as to what might be going wrong here?  OS is Win7 professional 64 bit, and I am running the game in windows 95 compatability mode.  Changing compatability modes doesnt help.



Okay after setting aside my save files, I uninstalled than reinstalled with the new installer for x64 systems from sierrahelp.com.  Now when I load up my latest save, I no longer crash, but I also cannot seem to get into random encounters.  Ocassionaly the sound will play to indicate that the game tried to initiate a random encounter, but I will remain on the world map instead.......If i load up an earlier save file, i can wander the world map for 10+min and not get into any random encounters(not even the sound plays like on the furthest along save)



After disccussing the issue on the sierrahelp forums, looks like my only option is to lose 100% of my work and start over from scratch.  I don't really feel like doing that at this point, so I probably wont be playing this game again anytime soon thanks to this mess.

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