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Sig and Avatar Test

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Posted 12 January 2008 - 12:39 AM

As the title says. The avatar is my "idealized" version of the Hero's getup: the VGA look with the EGA color scheme (and the sash on his belt). The sig is the regular sprites simply color changed.

Essentially, I liked the design of the EGA costume better, with the black cape and blue tunic. My only exception was to the purple pants, which was easy enough to change, and then I switched the sash from red to black for the heck of it. Well I did basically the same thing with the VGA version, albeit in a rather "quick and dirty" fashion (he really has only three shades of blue for his tunic and pants, and three shades of black for the cape). Those I put in my sig. For my avatar, I went the extra step and gave the VGA costume a sash, since it was lacking one, and because I liked it.

Ideally, one day, I'll probably fix it up so there are more shades to his outfit so as to be more faithful to how he is in the game. Also, I might replace the tunic with some platemail-esque looking armor (with or without the sash...undecided) so as to provide an "end of adventure" look for him. As a Paladin, since as you might have guessed from my HTBH Inner Hero, that is how I prefer my Hero to wind up as (though I've played Wizard and Thief games).

And finally, as a brief intro to myself, I've played QFG1 - QFG4 thanks to my QFG Anthology CD. Alas I never had QFG5, nor even the demo (though I guess I could download that one legally...the demo, not the game wink.gif ) so I've never truely finished the series. I've also only ever finished TbF and SoD, for reasons I may or may not eventually post about in the respective game's forums. I love these games quite dearly, and I'm glad I still have a working 233MHz Win95 machine that can still (more or less) play my QGAnth CD fairly well and still sound great. Alas the XP machines don't sound quite as good (well the laptop; haven't tried the desktop yet) but that may be because it has a less-than-stellar soundcard? Or I need to go play with other emulation tools aside from DosBox. Which again is something I'll get into (if and when smile.gif ) in the appropriate forums.

So, to sum up, I'm glad to be here with fellow QFG fans, and I'm looking forward to talking shop and getting into some discussions around these parts. I've already seen a few topics I think I'd like to post in, so I guess now is when I stop wasting time here and get out to the rest of the forums, eh? biggrin.gif
My personal color scheme for our Hero in his first adventure (EGA and VGA versions)

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Posted 12 January 2008 - 03:47 AM

Hello RI, let me be the first to welcome you aboard! biggrin.gif
There are other ways to play the QG games on a modern PC without (too many) problems. The NewRisingSun patches fix the timer bugs that cause many of the errors when the games run on more modern machines. They can be found here: http://geocities.com/belzorash/
Also, it's worth checking out Amazon or eBay to see if you can find a relatively cheap copy of QG5; it's a great game in it's own right, even though the gameplay is somewhat different from the previous installments. Anyway, good luck and I hope you can get through the series in its entirety soon! smile.gif

By the way, I'm impressed that, of the two you've actually beaten, QG4 is one of them; that's usually the one that most people haven't beaten, because of all the fatal errors.
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