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Least favorite Sierra game

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Posted 02 September 2013 - 04:20 PM

I know this should be a poll, but I decided to leave it as more of a discussion.


Sierra has produced some of the most memorable adventure games of all time, and we all have our favorites, and even those that aren't are very, very good. But this gets me thinking... what is your LEAST favorite Sierra game and why? Not necessarily the series, just the individual game. I'm of course talking about the original adventures, since a ton of games has been released under the Sierra label.


For me personally, it was Codename: Iceman. This is actually pretty unusual since I had the game as a kid, albeit I never got too far due to the copy protection with the CPR part in the beginning. When I got it back a few years ago with the manual and all, I tried playing it, but I just couldn't get into it, despite years of wanting to. I didn't get too far with it, either, not only because of the unbelievably hard dice game, but also because of the astounding level of difficulty at which it accepts the input. Strongbad (Homestarrunner.com, a classic!) said it best when he mocked parser games because 'ye can't get ye flask' and in no other parser game did I ever experience that level of difficulty in trying to get the simplest stuff done... and I should mention that I had a complete walkthrough handy the whole time and it didn't help much! I eventually got really frustrated with the whole thing and I just left it. Other reasons why it's my least favorite is because... quite simply, it didn't feel like a Sierra game. Sure it had Jim Walls on the team, and the graphics are as good as any other... but the content just isn't there. Police Quest has an interesting place in Sierra Canon, a game based primarily on procedure with a fairly normal plot (that probably happened a few times in RL, or at least close to it), but in addition to the intrigue, it also had realistic, likable characters that you cared about. In Iceman, it was all about painstaking procedure without the likability or the characters. I didn't get too far into the game to really get to know the characters, but honestly, some of the procedures where just too annoying, like double checking ID cards. It was a mess and should have been labeled a Sierra-style game instead of a Sierra game.


What are your least favorite Sierra games and why?


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Posted 09 February 2014 - 07:09 AM

I must confess that I've barely played even half of Sierra's releases.  I've collected and played all of the QFG, Ecoquest, and Dr. Brain games, as well as KQ 1-7.  Several other titles include Gobliins 2 and Pepper's Adventures in Time, to name only two.  Regrettably, I haven't touched any of the LSL, Space Quest, or Police Quest games.  On the plus side, I've never had the dubious pleasure of enduring Codename: Iceman.  From what I recall, there wasn't a Sierra game that I disliked outright.  Some just weren't as memorable as the obvious classics.


I remember playing Slater & Charlie Go Camping a total of one time when I was young.  It was cute and entertaining while it lasted, but I had no reason to return to it a second time.  (I just previewed a snippet on Youtube and still find it very cute and charming).  Back in elementary school (circa 1993-4), I tried Mixed-Up Fairy Tales in our newly-built computer lab.  Unfortunately, the classmate I was partnered with monopolized the computer during the few times we were allowed to play it.  My parents got me Mixed-Up Mother Goose (VGA) not long after, but it didn't seem as fun as the aforementioned game.  Another early game that i owned but never really warmed up to was Quarky and Quaysoo's Turbo Science.  The content and animation style didn't appeal to me back then, and I'm not sure how I'd like it nowadays.  The Dr. Brain series will always be my favorite of the educational genre (alongside the games by The Learning Company).  And while I'm on this topic, I'd point out that KQ7 was probably my least favorite from that series (having never played Mask of Eternity).  While the animation was a nice touch, I thought it was too drastic a departure from the winning formula of its predecessor.  That said, it was still a decent game with many entertaining moments.