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Think of QFG music, off the top of your head

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#1 andrewjneis


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Posted 28 July 2013 - 11:29 PM

Off the top of your head, think of the music from QFG1. Without thinking about it, what comes to mind first? Same for QFG2-5?


Don't think just answer!




Here's mine:


First to Mind

QFG1: Thiefs theme

QFG2: Julanar theme

QFG3: Simbani Village

QFG4: Erana's Garden

QFG5: Silmarian Meanderings



Now tell me what your Favorite songs were - this one definitely think about. Only put one - the next section is your top contenders.



QFG1: Dryad Theme

QFG2: Aziza theme

QFG3: Heart of the World

QFG4: Erana's Garden

QFG5: Undersea Exploring



Now go ahead and tell me your top three Contenders.



QFG1: Erana's Peace, Thief's Theme, Fairey Ring

QFG2: Astrologer, Julanar, En Route to Ad Avis

QFG3: SImbani Village, Pool of Peace, Jungle theme

QFG4: Meeting with Katrina, Adventurer's Guild, Dr. Cranium Hallway

QFG5: Erana's Garden, Atlantis Gates, Katrina's Retreat



This should be interesting to see what the consensus is!

#2 Ghost_Rider


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 03:48 AM

First to mind:

QFG1 - Brigand ambush (which is part of the intro music too)

QFG2 - Keapon Laffin's theme

QFG3 - Top of the Tree / Garden

QFG4 - The Castle

QFG5 - Dancing with the Dryads



QFG1 - Battle Theme 2

QFG2 - Palace Assault

QFG3 - Top of the Tree / Garden

QFG4 - The Castle

QFG5 - The Rite of Conquest


I'll have to come back to this later with my list of contenders.


#3 andrewjneis


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:29 PM

That's definitely a good tally :)

#4 Orion


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 07:01 PM

First to mind:

QFG1 - Baba Yaga's Theme - Creeped me out as a kid, and still does.

QFG2 - Aziza's theme

QFG3 - Main Theme

QFG4 - Katrina's Sacrifice

QFG5 - Dance of Mystery and Intrigue (Dryad Dancing)



QFG1 - Hero's March

QFG2 - Aziza's Theme

QFG3 - Salim's Theme (White Rabbit)

QFG4 - Katrina's Sacrifice and Hotel Mordavia (Peer Gynt's 'Anitra's Dance') - Love both equally, so they both get top here.

QFG5 - Dance of Mystery and Intrigue



QFG1 - The Stable Work Medley that plays when you're cleaning up.  I've found myself humming that when doing yard work.  Then there's of course, Erana's Peace, and the Goblin's Camp ThemeI've got so many memories tied to this game, I'm just gonna say the whole damn thing. ;)

QFG2 - Gah, soo hard to choose!  It's my favorite Sierra soundtrack after QFG4, but it's probably be a tie between Keapon's Theme (amusing!) and the Intermission Theme (majestic!) and Shema's Dance (Yay Shema!).

QFG3 - The Junk Dealer's Theme!  Sanford and Son!  Erana's PoolRakeesh and Kreesha's Theme when you're talking to them in their back room.

QFG4 - Meeting WIth Katrina, Vorpal Bunny Battle Theme, and the Gypsy Theme

QFG5 - Silmarian Meanderings - Day and Night a close second, and Greazy/No Sweat (the both combined, good stuff), and Underwater Exploring.




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