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Do you get chainmail on Magic User and/or Thief?

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#1 Zachski


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Posted 30 October 2010 - 02:29 AM

I ask this mostly out of curiosity. This goes for both sections, but it's clear that more people like the original version (I'm the odd one out here, in that I like the remake more, but I played the remake first, and was too young to appreciate the parser, but the nostalgia has stuck with me. Also, I hate training stealth in the EGA versions of QG1 and 2.)

Considering that the magic user and the thief have no restrictions on wearing the chainmail, it's possible to get it and use it. In the fourth game, they end up getting it anyways.

However, do you go ahead and get it at the first game? The advantages are the higher defense, but the disadvantage is the increased weight. This means that magic users can hold less mana potions, while thieves can hold less throwing daggers. At the same time, though, magic users and thieves are not capped on strength, and the Fighter also carries a shield and a sword, which are heavier than a dagger.

So, is it really that much of a disadvantage? And if you don't get it, do you do it because of the weight, or because of theme?

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#2 ConjurerDragon


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Posted 20 November 2010 - 09:35 AM

I played my first game as a Magic User in the VGA remake of QfG 1 . And as I tried to be able to do everything I spent my points to get minimum skill in all abilities.
Which meant that my magic user in the beginning was rather weak and could not carry much.
But as I was not in a hurry to finish the game I trained with the swordmaster, tried (and failed) to climb the tree before the healer, slept at Erana´s peace to save money, worked at the stable to get the 5 silver but more important to work up strength.

And when my STR was finally up so that I could carry everything I wanted and that I had saved enough money - then I bought the chain mail.

If you plan to import your character to the 2nd and then to the 3rd game and you plan to become a Paladin then it´s the obvious choice ^^

#3 Arcc



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Posted 20 November 2010 - 08:47 PM

In the VGA it's not quite as essential, but the combat difficulty in the EGA is vaguely insane. For fighting anything tougher than brigands, whatever your class, chainmail is simply a must. The damage reduction is pretty noticeable when you fail to die from just a few hits of the wrong monster.

It doesn't hurt to have it in either game, though, and it's really the most useful thing you can spend the Baronet's reward on (unless, of course, your cashflow is augmented by the magic of mushrooms). Strength is pretty easy to increase, so weight isn't usually that big of an issue.
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