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Single Chapter Fanfic: End of Revenge

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Posted 14 September 2011 - 06:26 PM

Odriew Rojam paused with his razor sharp blade held inches from the throat of his prey. It was strange to see the old man like this now. Once a wizard as powerful as he was evil, with a regal bearing and a constant haughty sneer. But now the slicked back widows peak was mussed from effort, streaked with dirt and mud. The midnight blue robe with deep purple trim, always so impecibly clean were now torn and filthy. More importantly, the face...that arrogant look on his smug face was gone. The wizard backed up against a stalagmite and pushed his legs up attempting to use it to help him rise. Od followed, never once allowing the tip of his sword to stray far from the wizard's neck. He allowed himself a grin.

"Why...you can't have won. I'm a wizard of untold power, you're nothing but a common mercenary. You can't have one." the wizard said, panting. It was clear that the man simply couldn't believe that he had actually lost. Od shook his head at him.

"Not a mercenary. I wanted to be a paladin, you know. My father and my older brother were both paladins. They both taught me what was right, both guided me to that path as best they could. Do you know why I'm not a paladin? Because of you!" Od said and delivered a closed fist hard against the staggered wizard, who fell to the floor. Od pointed his sword at him once again.

"No. Not because of you, really. Because of me. You see a paladin seeks justice. But when I saw my brother killed before my own eyes. Well I couldn't separate myself from vengence. I couldn't forgive you long enough to seek justice. Try as I might I could only see blood. Soon enough I stopped trying altogether. Eighteen years after my brother's death, eighteen years of searching, eighteen years of training, following your every move, learning your weaknesses. I'm not a mercenary. Not today. Today I buy something with my eighteen years of mispent rage. This is for Denny you son of a bitch!" Od pulled back his blade.

"I never killed a paladin named Denny." the wizard said.

"Liar! I saw you're fireball engulf my brother at the battle of New Barrowton." Od said

"Well that certainly wasn't me, I don't use fire. I specialize the air element." the wizard said, standing up and dusting himself off.

"Again 'Liar'." Od said.

"You've been following my moves for eighteen years, have you ever seen me use a fireball spell?" the wizard said.

"Well no, but..." Od began but he was interupted

"Only lightening spells, right?" the wizard said and then scratched his head momentarily before snapping his fingers as if realizing something "Ya know I used to hang around a pyromancer back then with a kind of a similar hairstyle to mine. Similar style robes, but indigo instead of midnight color, kind of...corpulent."

"Come to think of it the guy was kinda fat. I figured you'd lost weight." Od said sheathing his sword.

"Melbrano! That was him. Melbrano of the Flames he called himself. Had a birthmark the shape of a splotch of mud on his face.

"Huh...yeah I do remember that, I figured it was just a splotch of mud." Od said. "Wow this is kind of embarrasing. Sorry about this."

"Hey don't worry," the Wizard said "I call myself Delbrado so I get that kind of stuff all time."

"Do you know where to find this guy?" Od asked "I'd really like to put this whole revenge thing to bed."

"Oohh.....yeah...awkward...he actually died of natural causes about a year and a half ago." Delbrado said. The warrior glared at Delbrado for a moment before turning around.

"I should have been a barber...they never go through this kind of stuff." Od said and muttered his way out of the dank caverns and into a dank tavern.
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Posted 25 September 2011 - 09:41 PM

That... was pure comedy gold. Well done, once again, you should work in making short comedy movies, you got the talent for it.

Till next time stay cool cool.gif

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Posted 30 March 2012 - 01:52 PM

Good show old bean!

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