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Posted 25 January 2014 - 04:47 PM

This is good news. :)


So glad she's alright. She used to have a paypal account, I remember making the script for her donation button many years ago.


Yeah tough times for many, my whole family is hurting. My brother had his hours cut back to part time thanks to Obamacare and I'm getting by on Bitcoins right now.

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Posted 26 January 2014 - 10:37 AM

Unfortunately the crysis is world-wide. Most countries and most people are suffering, it seems. Could this be a planet over-population thing?

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Posted 26 January 2014 - 05:50 PM

My brother had his hours cut back to part time thanks to Obamacare


Except that none of the ACA employer mandates will kick in until about a year from now. He is either making a wrong assumption or his employer is lying to him. The problem is those on the top are taking too much of the pie. 85 people own nearly half of all the world's wealth. This is money they have stolen from the rest of us.


Also, be careful about Bitcoin as ther is a lot of fraud going on with it, right now.

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 05:20 AM

My brother's job adjusted everyone to part time and cancelled their health insurance before the one year delay was given. They just didn't bother to undo those changes. It was very much because of Obama-care.


And no a lot of companies had decent benefits and work situations but are being hurt because having to meet all the employer mandates in Obama care. White Castle of all companies talked about this and said the 30 hours is what's going to hurt them, they considered 35 hours full time. A lot of small to mid size businesses are being hurt and they certainly are not making millions.


There is no such thing as "the pie." Many of the billionaires/large companies create their wealth by making new products or new markets even. Microsoft, Google, Apple, the list goes on.


I'm going to stop there. I'm excretory substance poor right now but I get irritated in the ways some people blame the wealthy. Don't get me wrong I have a number of wealthy family members and many of them are horrid beasts & tight wads. But all of them earned their money.


edit, I'm ok with what I have going on for Bitcoins. I mine them and sell them at certain points. I have it mostly automated and locked down but I check on everything several times a day and before each transaction.

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 09:42 AM

My brother's job adjusted everyone to part time and cancelled their health insurance before the one year delay was given. They just didn't bother to undo those changes. It was very much because of Obama-care.


This doesn't seem to be the fault of Obama-care.  Rather, it seems that your brother's bosses are trying to diddle him out of what's his.


Obama has the right idea with a nationalised health insurance plan.  Here in Australia, everyone - without exception - has at least basic health insurance, provided by the gov't and paid for by taxes.  This basic health insurance covers visits to your GP, as well as discounts off the inoculations and drugs that you might need from the pharmacy. This way, everyone can visit their local doctor when they're sick, without exception.


You can still get private health insurance here, and there are still various plans you can get - however, these cover things like dental, glasses, physiotherapy, acupuncture/alternative medicine, and (if you need it) ambulance travel and treatment in hospital.  There again, some private health insurance companies allow you to tailor your plan to suit your budget OR to make sure that you're covered only for the things that you need.  (For instance, I live alone so I don't need to be covered for pregnancy, etc.)


I think this is what Obama is striving for - to allow everyone, without exception, to have at least basic health insurance (like we have in Australia). To that end, he needs to reduce the power of the health insurance companies.  They don't like it - after all, how does this plan benefit them? - so they spread disinformation about the plan and call it "Obamacare", to belittle it.  That's the story in a nutshell.

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 04:30 PM

Agreed that the wealthy did earn it in most cases, however the greed of maximizing profits while employees are existing on food stamps (Walmart and such) is simply disgusting.


It's not overpopulation, that problem will be felt about 20 years from now, and only if we don't solve inequality, housing and food infrastructure, environmental regulations, within the next 10 years. If the principles at http://annualletter....sfoundation.org were applied at home as well it would help a lot, because currently the "subsidized poor" in North America are in turn subsidizing sweatshops and pollution from the lack of buying power to choose healthier alternatives. We do have the resources to get through this, however currently the resources are being misapplied because of outdated attitudes towards the poor.


What's really needed is a guaranteed minimum living income. Not because people deserve it, but because it's simply more cost-effective for the entire world if people have reduced health care costs from access to nutrition, health care, dental care, reduced excess stress, and higher education. Most people want to work. I would have been working much more often in my life if I'd received dental care when it was needed, and would have been paying taxes instead of being a burden to taxpayers.


As of right now, I can't move forward because I'm not allowed to receive a grant to start a charity, the government will count gross not net and I'll be evicted if I use the grant for the purposes of startup costs. That means instead of startup being $5000 and then reach out for more funding to pay myself and the others involved, the startup costs become $45000, out of reach of the grant. Ridiculous. Been reaching out within my community for help with that and hopefully we can find a solution.


A blend of socialism and capitalism will be much healthier for everyone and also our planet. As we've seen in recent history, unchecked capitalism leads to abuses of power, pollution, and the destruction of natural resources.




My personal situation is stable. I am in subsidized housing, on assistance, and the Church is helping me with bread, which saves me $5 a week to spend on meat. Beyond rent and bills, I have $190 a month for food, around $45 a week and toilet paper. So I have nothing to move forward in improving the situation, and it's not quite enough for food. I do better when I eat at around $70-80 a week plus some supplements and vitamins at $50 a month. Because it's subsidized housing I need to buy a detox supplement as my neighbors smoke. That's also made it difficult to busk for extra grocery money as a lot of the time my voice simply doesn't work, and the teeth hurt too much for playing flute. I've been sick again from tooth decay and need another couple of teeth out, on top of the usual anemia and hormonal problems that cause excessive tiredness.


There's a new initiative which provides internet at $10 a month, so I JUST got that. I'm BACK!


Yes, I do have paypal still. I also have an Amazon wishlist for items needed for my own health and for the charity. Despite the government's stupid red tape, I'm moving forward both personally as a musician and professionally as a music coach. My students however, can't afford to pay anything so I've been trying to set up an arts education charity for our local community. This will create the equivalent of 4 fulltime jobs in my community, and get others off assistance as well, if it does well. Our area is slated for gentrification and the government is pouring money into rebuilding the apartments to match the rich people's area just north of us. Hehe.


Personal priority is a quality blender ($250), as I need dental work AGAIN and will need to make smoothies while recovering. I can also use it to make healthy snacks for the community kids.

Professional priority is a DVD on teaching Ukulele to kids ($20), hard drives for backups ($80 each), and FL Studio ($300) to set up my home studio with legit software. I believe people from my Church are going to try to help get us the Ukuleles themselves. Since these would be gifts, hopefully my caseworker can't touch it.


I was attempting to teach music basics at a local community centre, however my caseworker decided that I wasn't "doing anything" to try to get off welfare and refused to give me the volunteering money for it, so I was unable to expand the program. It wasn't very awesome with just one harp, one borrowed guitar, and a keyboard that was missing several keys. Currently trying to get help to get that money in arrears so I can register the charity and pay for the snacks for the next round. That will help a lot.


If people want to help, small donations to my paypal will allow me to get FL studio, purchases directly from Amazon for the DVD and HDD's will come straight to me.

The blender would be completely awesome but it's a big lump sum. Let me know if you do get anything so I can look out for it, deliveries here sometimes have problems.


Amazon: http://www.amazon.ca...st/QV9ISG9F6H7E

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kirrivath

Gmail is also kirrivath.

Sorry I was out of touch for so long, I got really depressed over what happened with Outworlder. Please do stay in touch, I need all the support, prayers, and well-wishes I can get right now. I know I can succeed and not only that but help others if I get what I need to move forward.

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