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#49102 Happy Birthday Lori!

Posted by Rath Darkblade on 11 December 2013 - 02:31 AM

Happy birthday, Lori!  Here, have some dragon cake! :D



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#48850 Requesting help for a damaged cd

Posted by Ghost_Rider on 13 August 2013 - 03:58 AM

Yes, go to our Downloads section (don't ask me where the main site is cause I'm gonna spank you!)


Where is the main site?  :P  :P  :P

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#48821 I DID IT!!!!

Posted by Collector on 10 August 2013 - 03:45 AM

*starts playing the bridal march for Ghosty and Elsa* :lol:


Do they seal the bond with a lick?

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#49413 Upgrading to the latest forum board

Posted by Orion on 05 February 2014 - 01:51 AM

Only thing I miss is the old color scheme :D

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#49330 A little joke thread...

Posted by Elsa Von Spielburg on 15 January 2014 - 01:48 PM

:rofl:  I should print this list and show it to my dad everytime he wants me to clearn the house... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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#49277 QfGlorification: "Baba Yaga's Recipes" (parody of "Goo

Posted by Rath Darkblade on 09 January 2014 - 08:36 AM

If you're wondering what the original song sounds like - here you go! :)


Baba's Recipes
(parody of "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys)
sung by Baba Yaga (with Spider and Batty as backup singers)

I, I could just turn you into a beast
And upon your juicy hands and legs I'd feast
But, well, you know, I just can't decide
what to turn you into - don't you run and hide...

I'll turn you into a froggie
'Tis tastier than a moggie
I don't think I'll fry a doggie
Spider & Batty: (oom bop bop fry a doggie)
The weather is rather foggy
Spider & Batty: (oom bop bop rather foggy)
Turn... you... into a froggie
(oom bop bop)
Tastier than a moggie
(oom bop bop than a moggie)
Turn... you... into a froggie
(oom bop bop)
Tastier than a moggie
(oom bop bop than a moggie)

Spider & Batty: Tasty yummy frog - yummy-yum!

Pick a spell,
You'll feel quite smaller now
Call me evil, you know that I don't mind
Then you will be terrified
I'll fry you with garlic and some spuds

I'll turn you into my hedgehog
'Tis tastier than a wedged log
Last week, well I cleaned a pledged cog
(oom bop bop a pledged cog)
The swamp out there's a sledged bog
(oom bop bop a sledged bog)

Turn... you... into my hedgehog
(oom bop bop)
Tastier than a wedged log
(oom bop bop than a wedged log)
Turn... you... into my hedgehog
(oom bop bop)
Tastier than a wedged log
(oom bop bop than a wedged log)

Together: Ahhhhhhh
Ah, well well, what shall I cook
I just don't know when I will decide
Ah, my my, read my recipe book
Well, well, I will cook a duke
Well, well, cookin'...

I'll make you my pet iguana (it is so much fun)
Scream all you like for Erana (it is so much fun)
It takes up a little mana (it's so fun)
I'll do it even if you don't wanna

My my, pet iguana
(oom bop bop)
(You will be my pet iguana)
Scream all you like for Erana
(oom bop bop)
(for Erana)
My my, pet iguana
(oom bop bop)

Spider & Batty: You are just an iguana now
You are welcome - just do not bow
You will be the iguana-man
You will go and quest if you can


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#49233 Updates

Posted by Construed on 31 December 2013 - 05:23 AM

New version Grim Quest V3.1 Available at http://www.GrimQuest.tk
The graphics have been completely replaced with pixel art by Toendra Nulta and myself, Audio remastered by Justin Gristina.

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#49204 Merry christmas from the coles!

Posted by Construed on 24 December 2013 - 02:17 AM

Yep, and merry Christmas to you and the qfmg community!

That Cori and Lori sure do know good humor! :D

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#49181 Fanfic ideas (long post)

Posted by Zachski on 19 December 2013 - 10:53 PM

I have some fanfic ideas, though I wish I could make them into a flash animation series instead of a story series, but it's probably for the best.


This fanfic hasn't been written yet because I'm still trying to figure the dynamics of everything out in my head, and I've got other stories I've been doing, but anyways, here it is.


Kanos, Magus, and Alfort of the Silveresti family are triplets, identical in appearance but not in mannerisms.  Kanos has always been the one to stick up for his brothers, Magus is the one who spent most of his time (free or otherwise) at the library learning how to read, and Alfort has always been the one to get himself in trouble with the other kids.  They grew up and discovered the FACS, each deciding to take a different field.  Kanos, of course, studied the art of sword and shield.  Magus got help from a local enchanter and learned how to use magic.  And Alfort... well you can guess what he chose for his career, though he fancied himself a "treasure hunter" when in front of his brothers.


All three of them dearly want to be heroes, even the scrappy Alfort, and were eager to begin their first adventure after graduating from the FACS.  They go to Spielburg.


There, though, they end up meeting a shadowy figure.  One who wields a sword and throwing daggers as if they were extensions of his will.  As the heroes travel, they eventually discover Brutus, the Brigand who's in league with Bruno.  And the shadowy figure leaps out of the shadows and slays Brutus with a sword through the back.  The figure reveals himself to be a brigand as well, one known simply as "Raven", who pledged his loyalty to the leader of the Brigands.  He's the Fighter/Thief hybrid of the story, and serves as Kanos's rival.  Where Kanos becomes a Paladin, Raven stays a Fighter, eager to prove his worth without fancy powers or enchantments - and boy can he prove his worth.  He ends up becoming more heroic after the Brigand Leader is revealed to be Elsa von Spielburg, but he's definitely more the "anti-hero" type.


Other character ideas I had involve a Gnomish Trickster, a Mage/Thief who likes to dazzle his audience while razzling their pockets, as well as an Exiled Leopardman Fighter/Mage who fights with spear and spell, and sometimes turning himself into a Leopard to fight with tooth and claw and spell.


There would be some alterations to the story of QFG to add some variety, though.  For instance, Kanos would receive Soulforge before heading out to Raseir, given to him by Rakeesh to protect him.  In the battle against Khaveen, after Kanos spares his life and moves on to stop Ad Avis, Khaveen tries to stab him in the back, and that's the moment Kanos would realize himself as a Paladin, Soulforge glowing blue with an honorable flame as he retaliates, slaying Khaveen.


Of course the most important alteration is that, effectively, all three heroes' stories are acting simultaneously.  Kanos and Magus might find that Alfort has disappeared somewhere, only for him to reappear in the most opportune place at the most opportune moment.  Alfort might check out the creepy castle before anyone else does, only to discover Katrina's true identity... which he forgets immediately afterwards due to the enchantment that Katrina placed on all three heroes with her mere presence, preventing them from divining her true intentions.


What to do when Kanos and Magus realize that Alfort is a thief?  How to keep him in-character without compromising the characters of his brothers?


All three of them have destined loves, too.  Kanos falls in love with Erana, Magus with Katrina, and Alfort with Elsa.  Elsa becomes High King (Queen?) of Silmaria, Alfort is the Chief Thief and her husband (so he's the Prince Consort, of sorts), Magus returns to Mordavia with Katrina where they seek to offer their magical expertise, and Kanos and Erana travel the world, establishing areas of peace and fighting the remaining forces of darkness.

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#49146 Hero 6 Interest

Posted by Blake00 on 16 December 2013 - 02:54 AM

Great to hear man, a few of us out there have the source code however I have no programming or graphic abilities so I simply compiled it to make my videos you've probably already seen in the other thread here. The videos got good attention and feedback as there's a lot of fans out there wishing they could play it (although no one can see the feedback now as I just had to repost nearly all of them fresh due to a youtube problem grrr).


I would agree that 90% of the world is done, but there's probably only 10-15% story and quests done. Using various tricks to avoid the bugs you can talk to every character and finish 3 acts in the demo in 30 or so mins (which I do in my videos). There's next to no side quests and as you say we only have Delta's rough outline post about the story elsewhere to go by so there's still a lot of work there.


Deltamatrix still roams around here occasionally and can likely answer any questions you might have. There are also good QFG and AGS fan communities with talented artists and programmers (many who previously worked on Hero 6 at some stage) at AGS ForumsQuest for Infamy forums, Himalaya Studios and the old AGDI Forums.


Keep us updated on your progress mate, and IF you abandon the project one day, please please please do what delta did and release the code to the fans so another hero can continue the work one day! As long as someone talented like you to putting some spare time into the game then the dream isn't truly dead.  :)

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#49026 New QfG style game in SCI

Posted by Blake00 on 15 November 2013 - 12:10 PM

*falls out of chair* :O

HOW did I not know about this!! A new QFG style project.. awesome!


*runs off to construct a tribute page at his site*

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#49012 Hero-U update: 44, demo coming up!

Posted by Construed on 31 October 2013 - 08:32 AM


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#48994 Paladinlover turns 30!

Posted by Elsa Von Spielburg on 27 October 2013 - 01:45 PM

Happy Birthday PL sweety :D *hug, kiss*


I'm really glad you have a good job and can make a good living for yourself. :)


Unfortunately I cannot say the same for myself, as I've been unemployed for almost 3 years now. Around 80 thousand Cypriots are without a job these days, and for that, Europe and our government is to blame. We have so many foreigners living and working here, and the last year or so, Greeks have been coming here and stealing the jobs of their "brothers" the Cypriots. And it came to the point that Cypriots have no choice but to leave their country and go abroad to find jobs and make a living for themselves.


And honestly, I'm thinking to do the same, cause things are completely hopeless right now. And they re bound to get worse...

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#48972 Fan art thread

Posted by Rath Darkblade on 27 September 2013 - 11:06 AM

Okay, maybe this is because I know next to nothing about chainmail armor, but shouldn't she be wearing something to protect her stomach too? That looks rather vulnerable!


What's that pad on her leg? And why DO so many characters (video games, comic books, movies enc) wear only one shoulderpad? Granted, I don't see any on Elsa, but I've always wondered about that...


Soulforge, you are absolutely right.  In real life, there is no way that ANYONE could just wear only chain-mail.  You see, chain mail is made from a large number of chain rings that are woven or riveted together in order to form a tight "vest" (normally chain mail protects only the torso and upper arms).  However, you must wear some kind of protective clothing or armour underneath - if you didn't, the rings would press against your skin and cause chafing, or even pierce the skin and cause infection.  Mostly, a gambeson or padded defensive jacket was worn beneath chain mail. Gambeson were produced with a sewing technique called quilting, and was usually constructed from linen or wool stuffed with scrap cloth or horse hair.


Some chain mail "vests" were made from wrought iron, but later ones were also made from heat-treated steel.


As for the ballista - again, Ghost Rider is correct! :)  A ballista is a siege weapon peculiar to the ancient Romans, who used it to launch oversized arrows or even stones.  According to the writings of Flavius Josephus, it was used during the very famous siege of Jerusalem in 69 A.D.  Here is more on the ballista: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballista ;)

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#48928 Grinding

Posted by Elsa Von Spielburg on 09 September 2013 - 06:14 PM

After all this is Quest for Glory, not World of Warcaft :P

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#48851 Requesting help for a damaged cd

Posted by Orion on 13 August 2013 - 05:56 AM

Hey, hey!  If you want spanked, save it for the honeymoon! ;)

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#48834 Requesting help for a damaged cd

Posted by Elsa Von Spielburg on 10 August 2013 - 06:02 PM

You'd be surprised what people ask these days ;)


And glad it worked out for you (Y)

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#48812 I DID IT!!!!

Posted by Orion on 09 August 2013 - 06:18 PM

*starts playing the bridal march for Ghosty and Elsa* :lol:

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#48791 Hi every1. I need ur help running qfg5

Posted by Collector on 06 August 2013 - 04:22 PM

Try the new installer http://sierrahelp.co...stallers.html#Q

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#48410 Running Quest for Glory games on Windows 7

Posted by Collector on 12 June 2013 - 02:49 AM

QUOTE (Orion @ Jun 11 2013, 06:26 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I've always thought the rule was 'You're allowed a backup copy' but no downloading said backup. For my QFG5 discs, I made a backup copy so I wouldn't have to worry about using the actual CD all the time.

Correct, but with limitations. However, backups have nothing to do with abandonware. Even the term "abandonware" has no legal meaning. Distribution of copyrighted material without prior permission is legally no different than piracy. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act has been used to issue takedowns for all sorts of things that most would consider gray areas. It was used to bring suit against eBay for sellers of legitimate copies of used copyrighted material. Fortunately, the Supreme Court shot that down, so you can sell or give away your legitimate copies of copyrighted games, movies, music, books, etc.

One thing to remember is that while some old games may appear to have no copyright holder, this is almost never that case. When a company goes under, somebody or some entity nearly always acquires the assets, which includes the IP. This is how Activision got the Sierra IP. It successively went from hand to hand until it fell into Activision's. From Sierra to CUC, which merged with HFS Incorporated to form Cendant. When the Cendant scandal broke and the heads of Cendant were indicted by a federal grand jury and sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Havas S.A. bought up the remains. Havas also bought Universal. They then created a business alliance between Vivendi, Seagram, and Canal+ to form Vivendi Universal. About this time Sierra had become nothing more than a label to slap on the boxes of games for brand recognition. When Vivendi bowed out, Sierra no longer existed, most (not all) the IP fell into Activision's hands.

I did not mean to go into the history lesson, but Sierra is a good example of the convoluted trail that the ownership of IP can undergo. Almost always, Somebody owns IP unless the owner releases it as freeware or makes it public domain.

GOG is most certainly legal. Part of their process to add a game to their catalog is to track down the current owner then negotiate for a license to distribute the game. The owner will receive a fee or royalties from GOG's sales. When I was working with them for the QfG collection, I offered a copy of the QfG5 soundtrack that came with the Collection series for distribution with the extras that often offer with a sale. I was told that they only had a license for the games themselves.
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