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Registering to QFMG forums

Post by Elsa Von Spielburg » Thu Sep 26, 2019 2:12 pm

As a "special protection" from spam account registration, I decided to change the way registrations are made. :)

So if you want to register to this here forum board, here's what you need to do:

- First, you will follow the normal registration procedure.

- Then, you will email me here: Title: "QFMG Registration" (or anything that makes sense to that direction - your choice). Send me your username and let me know you are not a spammer and you're a person. ;)

- I'll activate your account and reply back to you that all is good (Y)

- Now, if you do turn out to be a spammer, needless to say what will happen... :sniper: :gunman:

And with that said, enjoy the forums! :D :wave2:
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