Favorite songs from each QFG game?

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Favorite songs from each QFG game?

Post by Zachski » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:02 pm

Just wondering what songs you love and like to listen to, even to the point of leaving the game open just to listen to them XD

QFG1: No question - Erana's Peace. I imagine this will be a lot of people's answers. A timeless classic.
QFG2: Astrologer's theme. This song left quite the impression on me as a kid. So whimsical, mystical, and nice sounding. I love it XD
QFG3: Welcome Inn. So warm, welcoming, and relaxing. It is the song that sets off all of my DOS Nostalgia hardcore and can even paralyze me with emotion. A close second is the Pool of Peace, being another Erana-associated song that's wonderful to listen to.
QFG4: A very strict tie between meeting the fair folk and battling them. So foreboding, like you're dealing with powers that are way beyond you and are toying with you. Then the battle music kicks in and you're in a frantic battle for your life against these forces, who can and will kick your ass if you do it wrong. And it's only through the benevolence of Erana's Staff that lets you even survive this encounter.
QFG5: No contest. Dance of Mystery and Intrigue. The only one that comes even close to it is the Oracle's theme, which is the most commonly repeated leitmotif in the game aside from the Hero's tune itself.
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Re: Favorite songs from each QFG game?

Post by ewing » Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:57 am

QFG1: I haven't met anybody who didn't love Erana's Peace/Magic Meadow. I was surprised at how many random people recognized the Erana's Peace song in my Dance of the Fairies tribute to my deceased friend when I posted to some non-Sierra outlets.

But Hero's Quest/QFG1 was my favorite of the series when it came to music. There are so many I loved in addition to it:
- The opening title/intro
- The choose your character march
- The Hero's Quest pipe and drum march (when you first leave town)
- Working in the stables
- The Thief (robbing a house)
- Henry the Hermit
- The Fairy Ring
- Dryad theme
and I'm probably forgetting some...

QFG2: Main title/opening, Keapon Laffin, Aziza, Julanar's theme, the final battle & ending

QFG3: This was probably my least favorite of the series musically. I agree with the Inn and Erana's Pool. I also liked the garden at the top of the tree.

QFG4: Necrotaur battle (though I liked all the battle themes), Erana's staff, Erana's Garden, The Adventurer's Guild, Dr. Cranium, chase/hunt theme, Katrina's Sacrifce/final battle, main intro, the Music Box, and the reprise of the Hero's Quest march

QFG5: Main title and I agree with the Dance of Mystery and Intrigue (Dryad dance).

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