Post-Dragonfire What Ifs

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Post-Dragonfire What Ifs

Post by Zachski » Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:33 am

Where would each of the classes be after the fact, whether king or wanderer? That's always fun to think about.

Here are some thoughts I had regarding the Wizard as the King:

Now that he's sitting in one place, he has time to study some of the more serious spells that aren't quite useful for adventuring, which he passed up. Whenever strange weather occurs, people tend to guess that it's just the King experimenting with spells.

He actually discovered the spell for making yourself ageless fairly quickly. Turns out the spell isn't hard, most wizards just wait until they grow an epic beard before casting it. He spends the next couple of decades trying to figure out a "Grow Epic Beard" spell...

...and looks in the mirror one day and realizes that this is the sort of thing Erasmus would do.

Science Island no longer exists. The incident was so embarrassing that it's been expunged from all records and everyone pretends it just simply never existed. Still, the odd person has been known to burst out into giggles whenever they accidentally remember it...

After 50 years of being a king he more or less gets up and goes "Okay, I'm done, it's the next person's turn". He pretty much just teleports out, too, fed up with bureaucracy. Poor Logos.

At one point, he gets a familiar. On a random visit back to Spielburg, he encounters the magic talking fox that he met when he was still a young man, fresh on a quest for glory. They work out a mutual agreement.

He finally decides to go back to WIT to finally study those scrying spells he'd been so curious about... then after 5 days, promptly storms out of the place. Literally stormed out. He starts his own wizarding academy more accessible to the "muggles", including a basic tier where they can gain that spark necessary to cast magic without having to stumble across a lucky practicioner. There's a statue of the Famous Adventurer in its halls, who long ago passed away after sacrificing his life to save Tarna from an invasion of Awful Waffle Walkers.
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