Things you *dislike* about each QFG game?

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Things you *dislike* about each QFG game?

Post by Zachski » Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:42 am

We all love these games for various reasons, but even for these games, there are things, small and big, that we're just not gonna like. What would yours be?

I'll go ahead and post mine:

Quest for Glory 1:
-Sneak only increases by moving around forest screens while sneaking, or typing "sneak" and "walk" repeatedly.
-Dodging/Blocking is useless against any monster harder than a Brigand because of how frequently they attack, meaning that as soon as you attack, you're gonna get hit no matter what. So you're better off repeatedly attacking.
-Some doors are really picky about what pixel you're in before they'll let you open them
-You die from your stamina running out in battle now
-You can softlock the game by sneaking and going to talk to the Baron after rescuing the Bearonet
-The graveyard is blocked on the north side
-Tackling the Brigands Fortress is the exact same no matter what your class is. Furthermore, the game will punish you for trying to use magic, more often than not, because the game is under the impression that casting a spell actually takes a long time... even if it's a dazzle spell which is quick enough to be cast in combat.

Quest for Glory 2:
-Waiting between events is obnoxious, especially in Rasier where you don't have the luxury of being able to skip some in-game time. (EGA only)
-Combat options seem redundant. Being able to attack high, low, or middle doesn't seem to matter much.
-The new attack spell you get, Force Bolt, is inherently inferior to Flame Dart, making it purely functional only for puzzles.
-Qualifying as a paladin gets it forced on you at the end of the game, even if you would've otherwise gotten a perfect 500 out of 500 score, meaning you may no longer qualify for a "perfect score". Not to mention you have to toggle it back to "Wizard" or "Fighter" at the import screen for the next game.
-You can't die by casting "Calm" in direct combat anymore, which is a pity.

Quest for Glory 3:
-It's not a matter of "if" the game will crash, but "when", even with extended memory disabled.
-There were a lot of places I wanted to go but the game wouldn't let me. Like the Liontaur half of Tarna, for example.
-The game seems to be very confused about "east" and 'west" in the screen descriptions for the marketplace.
-Detect Magic can't be trained outside of the Inn bedroom - which costs honor. Zap can't be trained outside of combat.
-Even with Reversal on, if a Leopardman casts a spell in melee combat, it hits you, even though it's a spell that should have been reversable
-Welcome Inn hostess moves with a slow saunter, meaning that ordering a meal takes a lot of time, and if the only seat available is the one right next to your bedroom, the length of time is doubled.
-Too much of the game's points are lost based on time. Spend too much time with the Simbani? You lose the points you would've gotten for talking to the Survivor since he dies before you can get back. Trip the Leopard Lady trigger too soon? You won't get the points for befriending Yesufu.
-Thieves really have too little to do - at the very least, they could've explored a unique storyline involving the Thief and Harami, or had the Thief enter the other part of Tarna to steal something, or something.
-There are a lot of screens where the night sky is obviously just the day sky tinted dark blue alongside everything else on screen. I think the only screens where you can see the sky change is the Welcome Inn dining area and the Welcome Inn's room.
-Waffle Walker spawning in the jungle stealthily soft-locks the game by locking you in an endless loop of danger screens
-Too easy to become a Paladin if you're a Fighter, and I haven't confirmed if there's a surefire way to avoid it (I've heard refusing to vow on your honor is a surefire way to avoid it)
-The only way to get 500 out of 500 points is to be a Fighter who becomes a Paladin. Everyone else, including imported Paladins, are just SOL.
-The staff is pointless - it doesn't increase your spells' power, except in the final scene - it prevents your spell skills from increasing - it literally doesn't do anything except give you infinite mana. It would've been nice if, say, every spell you cast with the Staff out increased the *Staff* spell skill power, which would've been added on top of a spell's skill for calculating how much damage you would deal with it. (So, for example, if you had Flame Dart at 300 and Summon Staff at 150, your Flame Dart would be dealing damage as if it was a skill of 450)
-Magic itself deals so little damage. And it seems like all spells deal exactly the same damage here. The manual talks about enemies resisting certain elements, but I haven't seen any evidence of that in-game.

Quest for Glory 4:
-Game's combat system is a bit clunky to use manually, and if you only use keyboard controls, you can't use the Thief's supermove - but the mouse controls are very finicky and often you'll do something like "attack" when you meant to "duck".
-Strategy mode AI is silly, will use magic if you have the Magic stat even without any spells (which can bork a Paladin who is trying to avoid Magic), and yet can very easily do the hard-to-use acrobatics attack for Thieves.
-Killing a wraith with acrobatics or throwing daggers will result in the wraith not dying until the next time it hits the Hero. If you don't have the amulet, this means that the Wraith an actually kill you even after it's dead.
-Once again, projectile spells not reflecting off of a Reversal spell in the combat screen rears its ugly inconsistent head.
-Lots of game ending glitches - thankfully, a good deal of them were fixed with patches, but there are still quite a few ways to softlock the game, or else end up in an unwinnable situation.
-I must be literally the only person who doesn't like the ad-libbing the three villagers' voice actors do. It's not that I hate ad-libbing, I just feel like it goes on too long, the jokes they crack don't amuse me for some reason (incompatible sense of humor I guess), and the character portraits themselves are painful for me to look at. Doesn't help that I hate the characters themselves, too.
-Fighters get nothing unique to do. Technically, neither do Thieves, but at least the additional Thief storyline can only be accessed through Thief skills. The only thing unique to Fighters is a battle axe. This complaint holds true for QFG1 and 3 as well.
-Too many locations where the only thing preventing the Wizard from casting a spell is the "narrator" himself. Cast open at the entrance to the Thieves Guild? Nope, narrator stops you from casting that spell anywhere in this location. Levitate into the monastery? Too bad, because the narrator won't let you levitate out. Cast open on the cabinet containing a healing potion? Nope, the narrator's not gonna let that happen. There's also too many times where the game says "Nothing happens" even though something should've happened.
-It's possible for the Paladin's honor shield to suddenly disappear, with no hope of regaining it. Usually seems to happen when you sleep at Erana's Garden.
-Far too many events check for the character to have the "Magic" skill instead of a specific spell. (Such as the Erana's Staff scene, Strategy mode combat, etc.)
-Picking up rocks automatically changes the cursor to the rocks, meaning that you have to constantly go back to the hand cursor if you want to pick up more rocks. Makes training Throwing much more difficult.

Quest for Glory 5
-The camera viewpoint that the game gives you is sometimes obnoxiously low - makes pointing where you want to go a bit difficult.
-Combat's a bit obnoxious. Hitting anything with a throwing weapon is nearly impossible, because even if you aim at something right in front of you, the Hero *has* to arc it, which makes it take time to actually land - and literally every enemy moves far too much for it to hit after that.
-Magic spells that were previously useful are no longer useful. Glide doesn't work on wavy ocean water, and so they just removed it from the game. Fetch only works on items that you could literally just walk up and pick up. Levitate only works in like... two spots in the game.
-Acrobatics is... nerfed, let's put it that way. Instead of giving the Hero an option of acrobatically jumping between gaps, it only applies to tightrope walking now. The only other thing it does it make it so that the Hero sometimes does a spinkick when doing a strong attack without a weapon - which doesn't actually add any damage, it's literally just a flourish that signifies you know acrobatics. (And attacking without a weapon is pretty much the only way to grind your acrobatics skill.)
-Holding a sword, axe, or spear means you can't cast spells. Holding a heavy piece of metal to shield yourself with in your other hand means you can still cast spells. This feels like it goes the opposite of the rest of the series, where the metal in one's shield prevented spellcasting, but wielding a sword didn't actually stop that from happening.
-Despite doing more than the entire rest of the series, I still feel like having a magic staff is actually a little underwhelming.
-The new attack spells you get are either useless or extremely dangerous to you (Boom, especially, except for Dragonfire, which wrecks through everything not immune to fire. Unfortunately, the final boss is immune to fire. And unless you target Dragonfire using the mouse, there's a 90% chance you're gonna fry yourself with it. (And in older versions of the game, it was very possible to fry the *game itself* with Dragonfire, crashing the game. A habit the final boss was quite fond of doing themselvves.)
-The final boss boils down to a DPS race. A very tight DPS race. As in, you can actually kill the boss, but because you failed to do so before the dragon "starts escaping" (even though it's clearly dead), you still fail.
To make matters worse, you have to spend the first half of this DPS race trying to keep everyone else alive.
-I really really really hate the trap puzzles in QFG5. I'm not the worst person at memorization puzzles, but the poses seem specifically designed to NOT stick in your memory. If you don't have a lot of scrap paper handy, you're gonna have a bad time.
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Re: Things you *dislike* about each QFG game?

Post by ZcheK » Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:43 pm

I enjoyed reading this. Adding a few.
1. Not much strategy to battles in 1 and 3, just spam attack/offensive spell and don't run out of stamina.
2. Brigands in 1 block too much, boring to fight them and no way to break their block.
3. In 2 VGA (and I presume EGA also) I didn't like the time limits. I like training in my own time and feeling like I'm living in the world.

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Re: Things you *dislike* about each QFG game?

Post by Zachski » Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:55 pm

God, I forgot that I had made this topic.

I think the only thing I don't like about the brigands blocking in 1 is that, in the VGA version, you have to wait for the Brigand to peek his head above the shield, but only when he's not about to feint (that is, attack without actually attacking because he wants to bait your attack). The problem is that you have to GUESS when this is.

As for the time limits, I'm gonna be honest and say that I actually feel like Quest for Glory 2 gives you TOO MUCH time to do everything, so I've often felt a little listless, trying to artificially pad my time out by spacing out the grinding instead of rushing to max stats and sleeping until the next event happens.
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Re: Things you *dislike* about each QFG game?

Post by Elsa Von Spielburg » Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:57 pm

Yup, the Brigands hiding too much behind their shield was a pain for me too! Especially when I was learning the game.

The time limits in QFG2 are not bothering me at all, actually. It makes it more specific for me of what I have to do each day. There are even days that I get my Hero to rest (during the end of the first 16 days especially, unless he's a Fighter class).
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